Our Story

âme pronounced as ‘am’ is a 21st century everyday brand that offers a sense of comfort, panache and confidence for modern day women.

At âme, we run a socially concious business which curbs over production, minimises waste and strictly uses vegan materials. What began as a quest to find the perfect pair of accessible, comfortable and stylish footwear, turned into what today is ‘âme’. 

Our collection focuses on curating timeless pieces, where modern minimalism takes centre stage with sleek designs, heavenly comfort and redefined details. Strong and elegant, we find empowerment in unique shapes and tonal hues that form the basis of a classic wardrobe.

We offer a collection of styles for fashionably aware women, with a sense of individual and impeccable taste. Designs are brought to life through beautiful sketches, material exploration and global trend awareness. Accessible luxury is achieved through precise details and striking combinations. 

So be wise and come to feet paradise, after all, âme all yours!